Transportation Research Board

Traffic Safety Culture

Research Roadmap

Traffic Safety Culture Research Roadmap

(NCHRP 17-96)

With more states and localities adopting a vision of zero fatalities and serious injuries, increasingly greater attention is being given to communication, coordination, collaboration, leveraging resources, and applying a safe systems approach to traffic safety. This requires a culture shift– both among road users and traffic safety partner agencies, tied to education, engineering, enforcement, and emergency services. Equitable Cities, in partnership with the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, produced a Traffic Safety Culture roadmap to indicate why improving traffic safety is critical, and to identify practices, tactics, techniques, and tools that can be implemented by safety partner agencies. The roadmap includes actionable recommendations for how agencies can implement traffic safety strategies, and highlights initiatives such as the Strategic Highway Safety Plans, and regional- or community-based safety programs for successfully eliminating traffic fatalities.

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