City of Coachella

Social Justice & Racial Equity

Special Committee & Early Action Plan

Special Committee on Equity & Social Justice and Racial Equity Early Action Plan

City of Coachella, CA

Equitable Cities is working with the City of Coachella, CA to establish a Special Committee on Equity and Social Justice, and develop a Racial Equity Early Action Plan. Equitable Cities team members are collaborating with a special committee consisting of city council members, non-profit and private sector representatives, and members of the public to review and approve racial equity definitions, provide recommendations and overall feedback on the establishment of the Racial Equity Framework and Action Plan, and guidance on community outreach and engagement efforts. The final Action Plan will include a key list of goals and strategies to advance racial equity through short-, medium-, and long-term policy, systems, and environmental changes within the city.

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    City of Coachella


    Coachella, CA


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