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Jersey City

Bicycle Master Plan & Bikeway Design Guide

Let’s Ride JC

Jersey City Bike Master Plan

Equitable Cities played a pivotal role in the development of the city’s first-ever Bicycle Master Plan. Served as the lead consultant on public outreach and involvement activities and the development of key equity goals and actions. Participated in the development of a project technical advisory committee and project website and social media activities. Assisted in the creation and deployment of a bicycle “handlebar survey” with community residents as well as presented on the importance of equity in biking and transportation during strategic public meetings throughout each ward. Assisted in the visioning and piloting of the Bergen Avenue Demonstration Project, and the creation of a street film, which highlights the entire project and processes from start to finish. Created the first-ever Equity Action Plan and development of priority equity goal.

Project Details


    City of Jersey City


    Jersey City, NJ


    Equity Action Plan • Community Outreach and Engagement • Bicycle/Pedestrian Safety Action Plans



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