Focus Group Summary Report

Bicycling Among
Black & Latino Women

in New Jersey

Bicycling Among Black and Latino Women

The focus groups probed the factors that influence transportation mode choice on a daily basis for women, as well as perceptions of bicyclists and bicycling, and input on the types of strategies and improvements that might induce women to consider bicycling more for transportation or recreational purposes. A total of four focus groups were held in the fall of 2016. Three of the four focus groups, held in Camden, New Brunswick and Newark, were comprised of Black and/or Latino women. The final group was comprised of White women and was held in Montclair. Each group contained 10 to 13 participants.

Focus group recruitment was undertaken in coordination with local community partners. Local partners identified women for participation and assisted by providing meeting space and other logistical support. Each participant completed a consent form prior to the focus group as well as a brief demographic survey. While focus groups as a research method are never representative of their populations, they are excellent tools for understanding the nuances of decision-making, including perceptions and experiences that influence transportation mode choice.

Project Details


    New Jersey Department of Transportation


    Voorhees Transportation Center, Rutgers University


    Camden, New Brunswick, Montclair, and Newark


    Transportation Planning • Community Engagement • Focus Groups


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